Ginger Turmeric Tonic


I first discovered this tonic while working with Chef Hannah Grant on the recipe app Simple Feast. Hannah is the chef for the Danish cycling team and has this on hand as a warming tonic that helps boost the immune system. A shot once a day is all you need.

This is a case where organic matter, especially since the ginger and turmeric are unpeeled.



Makes about 1 ¾ cups

5 ounces ginger, unpeeled and cut into ¾-inch chunks
1/3 ounce (1 ¾-inch piece) turmeric
Mineral water or filtered water


Put the ginger and turmeric in a high-powered blender. Add enough water to cover by ½-incn, about 1 ½ cups. Blend slowly to keep the blender from overheating and to keep the solids from turning into a paste.

Set a fine mesh strainer lined with cheesecloth over a bowl and pour in the mixture. If time allows, refrigerate overnight to let the liquid slowly drain into the bowl. If needed more quickly, lift the cheesecloth and gently squeeze the cheesecloth to extract the juice through the strainer into the bowl.

The ground ginger-turmeric pulp can be reserved for ginger tea or discarded.